Periodontal Treatment

The leading cause of tooth loss in the adult population is untreated Gum Disease! There are several types of gum disease from simple gingivitis (inflammation with bleeding) to advanced periodontitis (Bone loss, loose teeth, infected, bleeding tissue).

Treatment depends on the type and the severity of each case, and will be specifically tailored to your needs allowing you the best chance for a successful result. Maintenance on a scheduled interval will insure that the initial success will become a more permanent success.

Medicine as a whole recognizes the detrimental effects of gum disease. Dentists and physicians are making their patients aware of its complications. If left untreated, it will irreversibly compromise not only the oral environment but the function of the rest of the systems in the human body, especially the heart.

For more information, visit the American Academy of Periodontology website for specifics of periodontal disease, including causes, warning signs, treatment and procedures. You can request free brochures on gum disease and oral health.

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