Endodontic / Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic/Root Canal Therapy is the removal of the infected nerve and blood supply from within the tooth.

There are several reasons such a treatment may be necessary. The most common reasons are: untreated decay, leakage around an old restoration that goes undetected, tooth fracture or advanced gum disease. A diseased inner tooth brings a host of problems. Pain and sensitivity are some of the first indications of a problem, while inside, a spreading infection can cause small pockets of pus to develop, leading to an abscess.

Because a tooth that has had a root canal treatment becomes brittle and susceptible to breakage, all endodontically treated teeth need to be crowned. When the root canal treatment is completed, and the teeth are properly restored, they have an excellent chance of remaining in the mouth for as long as the other teeth.

The newest method of performing this procedure is with Rotary Endo- a mechanized way of sterilizing the infected pulp tissue and filling the canal with an inert material. In many cases only one appointment is needed.

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